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Pegswood Performing Arts

The young people in Pegswood Performing Arts Juniors have been learning yoga and mindfulness over the last 2 terms. As well as their usual activities. The results has been much calmer sessions and happier young people. here is some photgraphs of what they have been up too 


Pegswood Performing Art Juniors during their mindfulness session

We started with some team building exercises. They had to get the entire group across some obsticles in the car park while they had their wrists tied together. 

Then using the mindfulness practices we have learnt we looked for a snap. Flowers the same colour as bins, the bush as tall as Betsy. 

Then we came back inside to use our focus to colour in some helpful quotes 

Megan said colouring her picture with her favourite colours made me feel happy and excited

Alexander said his picture made him feel good 

Emma felt calm and relaxed after working on her quote 

Sam loved his quote and felt calm and tired after colouring in 


Peter chose the phrase that is told to them many times every week by Emma. 

Colouring was calming but a little annoying to Peter 

John felt very happy after focusing on his picture 

Betsy felt very relaxed 

Chloes choice of colour made her feel joyful 


francesca felt very precise colouring in and enjoyed it 

Selby was very calm after colouring her choice of quote 

Lucas felt good after all the hard work he put into his picture 

colouring the flowers on this quote made Charlotte feel very happy 

Every week we do yoga and relaxation as part of our sessions. It was difficult at first but we are getting better every week. Even Daniel who really needs a mat for his knees. 

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