Welcome to the Hub
Welcome to the Hub

Our Stories in Art 

Our Stories in Art is a project to collect the personal stories of residents and turn them into something that can be passed on to future generation. Leaving a legacy of what it was like to live in Pegswood at a different time.

Pegswood is a small community that is gradually getting bigger each year. As it grows in size local divides are becoming more prominent.

This project will give all ages a chance to work together towards something that will be worthwhile and long lasting; bringing pride back into this community


Are you a resident of Pegswood? Have you ever lived in Pegswood? If you have then you are who we want. Would you like your stories recorded for future generations? Have you been involved in community events or do you remember how Pegswood celebrated big events? These are some of the stories we want to hear.


Are you an Artist? Do you Paint? Draw? Write? We would like to hear from artists of all kinds to turn these stories into a piece of work.


Are you Interested in local history?  We need people who have an interest in history to talk to the individuals telling their stories. Ask questions? Help them get there stories told.


If you are interested in any aspect of this project please get in touch at any time either by  telephoning the Hub and asking for Emma on 01670 512185 or directly by email emma-jane@pegswoodcommunityhub.org

Feel free also to call in at the Hub on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday  where Emma will be available to chat.




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